Guitar Lessons

Miss Mandi's Guitar
Guitar lessons are the newest area of business here at the Sing Music Studio. I’ve played the guitar for many years but just haven’t taught it. I recently bought myself a new guitar (my 10 year old one was sounding pretty sad) and, due to the high demand from my students, shortly thereafter began teaching guitar lessons. I tell you I love it! Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching singing lessons and piano lessons and Kindermusik too! It’s just fun for me to tap in to a new part of my brain and teach a new instrument. I love learning and teaching too. Teaching, for me, can be just as much a learning experience for me as it is for my student – finding out what each student needs to work on and how to reach each student as we all learn and understand differently. Apparently my guitar students are enjoying it too because I received this cute picture from one of my students of us during our lesson. She even included Mokie! Guitar Thanks

It’s not just a class where kids sing. They have opportunities to learn and experiment through play. I love the fact that the songs are not the same old songs we've heard a hundred times before and that there are a mix of children's songs and some that an adult can enjoy or a child can enjoy from a different perspective - true music appreciation. Its simply better quality than some of the community based music classes out there.

Beth Paisley, Toddler/Mixed Age class mom

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