Vocal Play with the Babies

Vocal play is such an important activity to engage in with your little one. Babies are fascinated by faces, so get in close so your baby can see your facial expressions up close. She’ll study your tongue and lip movements, learning as she goes. It’s also important to give baby ample time to mimic or respond with a sound. While we are playing with animal sounds your baby may not “moo” in return, but may make another sound in response. Then you should copy baby’s sound, encouraging her to make more. Not only are you helping baby explore her voice, vocal expression, syllables, lip, tongue and cheek muscles, but you are also practicing the art of conversation! In this video from our Kindermusik baby class, you’ll see all of this taking place. You will also notice some ASL signs being used as we always sprinkle a few signs from our Sing Signing Series into our classes. Each baby is engaging and participating in his or her own way, taking into account all different ages and stages.


My daughter really enjoys Mandi's approach to both voice and piano. Mandi has been sensitive to my daughter's needs so that she does not become frustrated with too much work. My daughter has really improved in her piano playing and enjoys practicing more than when she began. I appreciate the individualized approach and the focus on repetition as well as the child's interests.

Arwen Kamateros, Kindermusik & private lesson mom

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