Violin Lessons in Mississauga

If you or your child has been wanting to get started on the violin, or if you would like to enroll your child in violin lessons in Mississauga, we would be happy to work with you. Sing Music Studio is a welcoming musical environment where beginners and advanced musicians alike can collaborative, express themselves, and strive for musical excellence, and whether you want to play for fun or audition for a music degree at a university, please get in touch.

violin lessons Mississauga

Violin Lessons in Mississauga for Adults

Are you an adult who has always wanted to play the violin or fiddle? There has never been a better time to start. We know you lead a busy life, and we will work with you to find a lesson time and duration that fits your schedule.

Furthermore, we want to help you play the music you want to play – we don’t force a particular genre or composer on you. Do you want to learn the violin line in “Dust in the Wind”? Let us know, and we’ll help you. Or would you like to play in your local civic orchestra? We will help you practice scales and excerpts so you can succeed in your audition.

That said, you have no obligation to know what your goals are, or to give us an itemized list. You can simply show up and tell us that you’d like to learn how to play, and our skilled teachers will teach you the fundamentals of both music and the violin.

Violin Lessons For Kids

We love helping children establish a lifelong appreciation for music, and the violin is a wonderful place to start. Our lessons are fun and engaging, and we incorporate iPads, learning apps, and more into our weekly instruction and classes.

Your child can enjoy either private lessons or classes with their peers, and we can use traditional teaching methods, lessons inspired by Suzuki or Kodaly, or work through the modern Rockschool method with your child. We encourage feedback from families, and we will do more than simply teach your child how to play notes and hold a violin; we will encourage creativity, develop their ear, and more.

What Will You Learn In Your Fiddle + Violin Lessons in Mississauga?

Firstly, we will teach you the fundamentals of music and theory. You will learn how to read notes, discern different key signatures (major and minor), identify intervals (steps, skips, thirds, octaves, etc.), and read chords in both clefs.

Specific to the violin, you will learn how to properly hold the instrument so that you don’t develop tension while you play, properly bow and produce a beautiful sound,  play with pizzicato, harmonics, and other techniques, and more. 

You’ll learn scales and arpeggios, and most importantly, we will teach you how to practice on your own at home. We want to set you up for a lifetime of successful violin playing.

Can You Learn More Than Violin at Sing Music Studio?

Sing music studio has a dynamic staff of piano teachers in Mississauga, voice teachers, popular musicians, guitar lesson instructors, and more, and we are happy to help students learn more than one instrument. Our school has annual recitals and performance opportunities, and the various instrumentalists at our studio enjoy playing together in duets and ensembles.

If you would like to learn more about school or staff, we would love to hear from you! Please get in touch about violin lessons, and we’ll set up a lesson at a time that works for you.