About Sing Music Studio & Our Educators

Winner of multiple Mississauga Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Music Instruction, our Kindermusik program has also been awarded Top Program status since 2010, ranking us among the top 5% of Kindermusik programs worldwide.

We strive to put the student’s needs first and teach in a way that enlivens excitement and passion for music, using outside the box thinking to reach each student with an individualized touch. Our innovative approaches use technology, current and engaging material, support creative expression and exciting rewards that motivate. Our educators have strong backgrounds in music training and performance as well as a vast knowledge in child development, easily helping you and your child to learn, play, laugh and discover the world of music.

We offer an engaging musical learning experience for everyone, from infancy right up to adult. Music lessons from age 4 to adult, Kindermusik for babies to age 5, group music classes, student and parent workshops, camps and birthday parties.

Virtual options are available currently for all of our one-on-one music lessons.

Mandi Galer – CEO, Kindermusik Educator & Voice/Piano Instructor

Mandi Galer began her musical career at the age of 6, studying piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music. In search of her niche in music, she picked up the trombone at the age of 12. At 13, she discovered Cawthra Park, Mississauga’s well-known performing arts school. Still not settled on her musical calling, she decided to audition as a vocalist. With her acceptance into the school’s jazz vocal program, Mandi discovered her true gift in music. She then went on to earn her diploma, with honours, in Humber College’s jazz music program with a double major in performance and arranging, learning everything she could from the amazing array of talented musicians and teachers at the school. After college, Mandi continued down her musical path, taking on a full roster of private voice and piano students as well as performing and writing with many talented, local musicians and eventually forming and managing her own duo/band, Lava. But it was not enough. Mandi wanted to give more back to the community.

Mandi recognized the need for more musicians educating young children in music. Most musicians teach at a higher level of education, which leaves our very young children at a disadvantage, often being taught by educators with a basic knowledge of music. So, Mandi diligently researched children’s music programs and discovered Kindermusik, which was exactly what she was looking for. She obtained her Kindermusik license and after many ups and downs and twists and turns, Mandi founded Sing Music Studio in 2006.

In June of 2019, Mandi gave birth to her first daughter, Bernadette Cassandra, the same week that Sing Music Studio’s first commercial space renovation broke ground. Sing Music Studio Inc.’s September 2019 Grand Opening in Clarkson, Mississauga was a smash hit! And in October 2019, Sing Music Studio won the title of Best Music Instruction in the Mississauga Reader’s Choice Awards!

Now, Mandi, better known today as “Miss Mandi”, has been honoured with Kindermusik Maestro status and Kindermusik Top Program status ranking her programs in the top 5% of Kindermusik programs worldwide annually since 2009, is a member of the Ontario Registered Music Teacher’s Association, continues to perform with many artists in the GTA, manage her 5 piece band R&B/neo-soul/funk/disco/top 40 band, Mandi & the Vibe, work on original material and could not be happier or more thankful for being able to share her passion for music with children of all ages.

Neal Burstyn – Drum Instructor

Neal Burstyn’s love for percussion started at an early age, going to concerts and trying to mimic his favorite drummers with various objects around the house. His passion for the instrument grew more and more taking him into a musical journey through various styles and genres of music from around the world.

At a young age, Neal began performing and marching in Cardinals Drum Corps throughout Canada and the U.S enabling him to hone his percussive technique and meet the requirements to attend Humber College. After attending Humber College Neal had the pleasure and honour to perform and tour with…Carole Pope, Rough Trade, Universal Honey, Adams Rib, Reno, Carlos Morgan, Da Orchestra and many tribute and cover bands over the years. Neal’s approach to playing keeps the dance floor full and your feet moving with his powerful and solid groove…“My job is to keep people dancing…not to wow drummers or other musicians with my chops or technique”.

In addition to performing, Neal enjoys sharing his knowledge by teaching students, both in private drum lessons and group drum workshops (beginner to advanced), the fundamentals of rhythm, meter, musicality, technique and an appreciation for different genres of music. Neal is also a professional photographer,  Mandi’s life partner and father to Bernadette.

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Erin Benoit – Kindermusik Educator/Voice Instructor & Director of Sparkle

Performing since the age of 6, Erin began her musical journey with live musical theatre. Performing with a variety of theatre companies including Drury Lane Theatrical Productions (Burlington Light Opera Society), Hamilton Theatre Inc and Theatre Aquarius for next eight years. There she was provided with a rich education in classical vocal technique, choreography and performance coaching. She took it to the next level by expanding into studio recording, voice overs, tribute acts and live band performances spanning a wide diversity of musical styles over the next 30 years.

Erin takes inspiration from an irreplaceable wealth of experience. Passionate about unlocking vocal potential by applying practical and reliable techniques, she approaches coaching with honesty and realistic goals to help develop and take care of your voice.

In addition to Erin’s voice experience, five years of providing home day care and after school care (while raising three of her own children), fostered a love for working with children and early childhood development. Bringing this together with her passion for music as a Kindermusik educator was an easy transition. Erin deeply believes that enriching a child’s life with music as they learn and grow is very important and a truly rewarding experience.

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Alecia Pagnotta – Piano/Voice Instructor & Administration

Since she can remember, music has always been an important and cherished part of Alecia’s life. She could be found running around the house singing, dancing and composing her own masterpieces on the piano. She enrolled in piano lessons at age 6 studying piano through the Royal Conservatory of Music and later branching off into jazz and contemporary styles. She developed a strong music theory background through RCM theory examinations and applied these tools to her playing. In addition to piano, Alecia found her voice early through singing. She participated in all her school talent shows and through this found her first vocal teacher at age 11. She trained in musical theatre and classical styles. Furthermore, she enjoyed competing at local and regional music festivals as well as completing Royal Conservatory of Music vocal exams. Not able to get enough of music, Alecia picked up the guitar and clarinet taking lessons throughout middle school and high school. She also participated in community theatre productions singing her heart out.

Eager to turn her passion into a professional career, Alecia received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre with a minor in Dance from Ohio Northern University. There, she continued her piano studies as well as multiple styles of voice (Jazz, musical theatre, classical, and pop). As a professional performer, Alecia has appeared in many shows including, The Pirates of Penzance, The 25th Annual Spelling Bee, Sweet Charity, Guys and Dolls, Sleeping Beauty A Panto, and Legally Blonde: The Musical. Alecia has served as Musical Director for productions such as Into The Woods Jr. and worked with many different students of all levels.

Alecia is passionate about sharing music with her students and discovering both vocal and piano potential with a comfortable and enriching environment. With a Mary Poppins bag full of techniques and experience, Alecia is excited to share her knowledge and help achieve her student’s musical goals.

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Julia Loeb – Piano/Clarinet/Recorder Instructor

Julia Loeb received her Honours Bachelor of Music, summa cum laude, from McMaster University.  While at McMaster she received numerous awards for excellence in classical music studies including the Joan Frances Bowling Scholarship, the Norman N. Caskey Memorial Prize, and the Louise E. Bettger Scholarship in Music.  Julia is also a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music from which she holds an ARCT in classical piano performance as well as Grade 8 Clarinet and Grade 7 Voice.  Julia has been studying classical music since the age of six and has performed in numerous recitals and festivals.  In 2014 she was awarded the Helen Livingston Memorial Scholarship for clarinet performance.  She is a proud alumnus of both the Oakville Children’s Choir and the McMaster Women’s Choir.

Julia has been teaching private piano, voice and music theory to students of all ages since 2014. In addition to teaching privately, Julia has planned and led music programming for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners incorporating songs, movement and activities. Julia greatly enjoys being able to share her love of music with her students and is passionate about seeing her students succeed.

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Diego Madariaga – Guitar/Ukulele/Bass/Piano Instructor

Diego Madariaga is a Chilean songwriter, music producer, multi instrumentalist and educator. His journey studying electric guitar and writing songs started 21 years ago.

Diego’s educational background has included the study of multiple instruments, music composition, studio recording techniques, post-production, music industry and business management.

As an artist, Diego has written and produced with singers from all around the globe and performed in different venues in Chile and Australia. You can find him in digital music platforms as “Diego Mar”.

As an educator, Diego has been teaching for nearly a decade. Through private lessons and workshops, his focus is on high quality education that motivates and inspires students of all ages.

Diego’s educational methods include holistic activities that incorporate body awareness, creativity, communication, music theory, music instrument interpretation, art appreciation, collaboration, self development and goal setting. He is committed to creating personalized study programs that keep the student engaged and practicing regularly. And for students that want to follow a professional music career, Diego’s extensive music industry knowledge can easily be incorporated into lessons.

Diego’s mission is to get the best of his students. Always encouraging, supporting and guiding his students to discover the wonderful benefits of music.

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Onique Houllier – Voice/Piano Instructor

Hailing all the way from Trinidad and Tobago, Onique Houllier’s love for music began in the womb as mother attended concerts played by her drummer father. Growing up mainly in church, music always filled most of her environments, especially at home listening to her dad’s daily practice and blasting of music consistently. Onique’s love for teaching, however, came from her mother who studied Early Childhood Education and taught in many different schools over the years.

In 2009-2014 Onique attended the Caribbean Nazarene college where she completed her BA in General studies with a concentration in Early Childhood Education and Music, having already completed a number of ABRSM musical certificates at secondary school. Voice being her main instrument, Onique has participated in various vocal endeavours such as Hairspray, studio background vocals, backup singer for gospel artist Curtis Jordan, Believe franchise shows and many more over the years.

Onique believes that each person can learn music and that learning should be catered to each individual’s learning style. It is her goal to show students that everyone can learn and love music in their own way. Onique’s interpersonal skills have allowed her to reach students in different ways to help them chart their musical course and enjoy doing so.

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Melissa Moore – Piano/Saxophone/Flute Instructor/Kindermusik Educator

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Melissa Moore’s musical journey began at home with her family. With both parents being both professional actors and musicians, Melissa grew up in a household that nurtured creativity. Melissa’s home was full of listening, singing, and playing opportunities of many different types of music, including the music they themselves had created. This environment laid the foundation for Melissa’s love of music and piqued her curiosity about creativity and self-expression through this art form.

Melissa believes in teaching the whole musician, which, to her means to become musically literate (to read and write music notation) as well as to cultivate the musicality of the ear. Melissa combines traditional piano methodologies with her own customized curriculum which includes ear training, improvisation, functional harmony, and a variety of repertoire in the jazz, folk, and pop idioms. Additionally, as a composer and arranger Melissa can provide written piano arrangements that are unique to students’ playing ability and musical goals.

In 2017, Melissa enrolled in a certificate in Early Childhood Music Education through the Royal Conservatory of Music and Ryerson University. With this education, Melissa can teach group music classes to young children and apply the philosophies and methodologies of Émile Jacque-Dalcroze, Zoltan Kodály, and Carl Orff to her own private lesson teaching.

Melissa’s compassion and empathy combined with her musical experiences makes her a teacher who is committed to holistic teaching and trying to find out who each student is and what music means to you.

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Daniel Lupas – Piano Instructor

Daniel is currently studying engineering in university and has been playing piano for the majority of his life. Daniel began studying piano with Miss Mandi at Sing Music Studio when he was 8, after graduating from their Kindermusik program. Daniel is currently working towards one of the most advanced piano  certifications in the Royal Conservatory of Music program as he continues to improve his now study whilst instructing.

Daniel’s favourite genres of music are classical, rock, and pop. In his free time, he loves to work on piano covers of his favourite songs and perform in talent shows.

Daniel has a passion for teaching, stemming from years of aiding his sister (5 years his junior) with piano and school work and fuelled by his volunteer work. He has been volunteering at the pool, teaching swimming lessons, since 2018 and additionally volunteered for 6 months at a PLASP after school program.

Daniel wants to share his love of music with his students and is excited to be the first Sing Music Studio student to become a teacher!

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Emma Sikorski – Reception

Emma discovered her love for the arts at the age of 4. She took a keen interest in Disney animated films and all the work that goes into them. Emma started exploring the soundtracks and the acting which immediately ignited her spark.

At age 11, Emma got her first guitar from her aunt. She played the guitar in her school choir and school functions. With help from her uncle she learned more and more guitar chords. Emma also performed at the Oakville Christmas Parade in 2018 which was a huge achievement in her life.

Emma then started her journey in building up her musicality through dance. Sean Boutilier, The Dance Corps, Canadian Dance Company and Can Dance Academy all shaped her to be the dancer that she is today. She dances many styles including lyrical, jazz and contemporary. In the summer of 2021, Emma was accepted into the
Regional Arts Dance Program at Iona Catholic Secondary School.

As a student of the arts, Emma has also starred and been featured in many performances such as: Matilda, Detention, The Elf and more. She has faced many challenges along the way, but that doesn’t stop her from fulfilling her dream.

Emma is delighted to be part of such a wonderful community at Sing Music Studio and continues to encourage young talent and share her love for the arts.

Raina Gjonaj – Reception

Ever since Raina remembers, she sang. According to stories, told by her parents, she was singing before she could even speak!

Raina’s parents saw her interest in music. They believed that the arts would be a great way to teach her creativity, discipline and to help her develop a strong work ethic.

Raina began ballet lessons at the age of 4, and has been a ballerina ever since. Raina then started learning music at 5 years old, beginning with piano. Raina enjoyed piano so much that when she discovered a class for learning guitar at her high school, she jumped at the opportunity. Raina really enjoyed learning this fun new skill.

A quote from Raina, “I’m very thankful that my parents put me in music because I found a way to express myself as well as develop skills that were essential for my successes in the past and those to come in the future.” 

Raina is very excited to be a part of the Sing Music Studio family. Raina is looking forward to meeting you,  learning from the team, and contributing to the learning process in all the ways she can. This marks a new chapter in Raina’s life, and she can’t wait to see what happens next.