Sing Music Studio Policies

Terms and Conditions

Tuition Fees

All lessons are ongoing September through August. VIP registration period will be provided in advance of the summer and upcoming school year. Registrations are accepted at any time throughout the school year provided we have space. Fees will be pro-rated where applicable. Annual non-refundable registration fee applies upon registration for all school year programming. There are no registration fees for July/August Kindermusik. Registration fees for new students who enroll in lessons during July and August will apply towards the upcoming school year. Monthly fees are processed on the 1st of each month. Pro-rated fees will be processed immediately for those registering after the 1st. A fee of $25 will be charged for NSF charges.

Withdrawal Period

30 days notice prior to the 1st of the month must be received for withdrawal. The upcoming monthly fee will apply with less than 30 days notice. The 30 day notification period includes returning students who have opted out of July/August lessons.

Happiness Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after the first 4 lessons/classes, you may notify us of withdrawal on the day of the 4th lesson/class and no further payments will be processed. Any fees paid for future lessons/classes will be refunded in full.

Cancellation and Lateness Policy for Lessons

Instructors will remain available until 15 minutes after the scheduled lesson start time for students who are late. Students/parents who are running late should inform the instructor via chat message in Better Practice and/or email to or by calling the office at 416-388-8787.  If a student is late, the lesson will end at the scheduled end time. If an instructor is running late, the student will receive a full lesson. Notification of absence for lessons must be emailed to or via chat message sent directly to your instructor in Better Practice prior to 10am on the day of the scheduled weekday lesson or prior to 6pm Friday for Saturday lessons. With appropriate notice received, a recorded video lesson consisting of approximately half of the student’s regular lesson time will be recorded and uploaded to Better Practice by the student’s instructor. In-person students may opt for a live virtual lesson provided during the regularly scheduled lesson time. Last minute cancellation (after 10am weekday/6pm Friday) will result in forfeiture of the lesson. Reschedules are ONLY provided in the event of instructor absence IF a substitute instructor is not available. Should lessons be cancelled by Sing Music Studio, recorded video lessons, live virtual lessons or reschedules will be provided depending on the circumstance.

Cancellation and Lateness Policy for Kindermusik

If you are running late for class, please join us quietly in room 4 upon arrival. Unlimited make-up classes are available during the ongoing September through June classes provided space in another age appropriate class is available and the client is actively registered. Notice must be provided as far in advance of absence as possible to so that other clients can be offered a make-up if needed. Make-ups for July/August classes will only be available if the same class is running concurrently provided space in said class is available. Make-ups for in-person classes may be completed in virtual classes if available. Make-ups must be scheduled through your online account via the parent portal link at Should classes be cancelled by Sing Music Studio, make-ups will be available in alternate age appropriate classes.

Holidays and Closures

We follow the Peel Board of Education calendar for holidays and breaks. We are closed Fridays and Sundays and operate on a modified 5-6 week schedule during July and August, closing the first week of July and the last 2 weeks of August. We are closed for all long weekends including Saturdays and holiday Mondays. School year music education begins the first Saturday after Labour day and runs until the end of June. Sing Music Studio follows the Peel Board of Education for snow days. Should schools be closed, Sing Music Studio will be physically closed and virtual and/or recorded video lessons will be provided. If buses are running Sing Music Studio will be open. If Sing Music Studio is mandated to close in-person operations, lessons/classes will shift to a virtual format via Zoom. All students will complete the remainder of the month’s classes online and an option to pause until in-person lessons/classes resume prior to the next debited payment will be provided.

General Studio Rules

Outdoor shoes must be removed in the foyer. Indoor shoes, socks or bare feet are permitted. Coats should be left on the hooks in the foyer. Please park strollers outside. We do not allow strollers within the foyer. We are a peanut free and fragrance free facility. Please respect those with allergies. Running, roughhousing, bullying and vandalizing will not be tolerated. We ask that students and parents/guardians be respectful of our environment, teachers and other students/families that are part of our musical community.

Kindermusik Classroom Etiquette

There are hooks available for valuables and diaper bags outside of room 4. Please do not leave diaper bags on the floor in the classroom in order to keep the space free for movement. Barefoot is best for little feet in the Kindermusik classroom. Water, bottle feeding and breastfeeding are permitted in the classroom. All other food or drink is NOT permitted in the classroom. Should you need to provide your child with a snack, you may do so in the foyer. Car seats are not permitted in the classroom. Please leave them in the foyer. If your child is extremely disruptive during class (hitting, screaming, shouting, pushing, biting) we ask that you remove your child from the classroom and return when your child has calmed down.

Responsibility to be Aware

Main communications including dates, events, instructions, draws and contests are sent via email from This address should be saved in your contacts in order to avoid important emails filtering through to junk mail. We recommend checking junk mail from time to time to make sure you have not missed an email from us. For students enrolled in lessons, all assignments are provided and practice is tracked via Better Practice. Parents of young students are expected to be involved in student practice and review of homework assignments. Direct student to teacher chat messages are available here. An email notification will be sent when instructors and our admin team send chat messages. We additionally post special announcements in Better Practice that populate on the home screen. It is the student (over age 18) and/or parent/guardian’s responsibility to be aware of all terms, conditions, policies, methods of communication and the information held within.

COVID-19 Protocols

We are currently operating in Stage 1: Green of our Four Stage COVID-19 Safe Studio Policy. For full details on our COVID-19 Safe Studio Policy, click here.