Practice Contest 2021

The Challenge

Each student logs in to Better Practice App for a minimum of 10-15 minutes each day, EVERY day for 30 days starting on Friday February 12th and ending on Saturday March 13th 2021.

Practice must be recorded in Better Practice App in order to qualify for a prize.

If you miss a practice day you can make up the time on an alternate day of the week.

  • Students in level 1 and under need to log 70 minutes per week (10 minutes a day).
  • Students in level 2 and above need to log 105 minutes a week (15 minutes a day).

Please note that your practice week begins on the day of your lesson and logging in during your lesson counts but you still have to rate yourself!

How to Record Practice

  1. Open a current assignment.
  2. Read the practice notes.
  3. Keep the assignment open while practicing.
  4. When finished practicing, choose a rating for your practice.
  5. Repeat above steps with each current assignment and any review pieces additionally practiced.


All students who log in for the minimum amount of time daily for the full 30 days for practice (this includes logging in during your weekly lessons) will receive a prize and be entered into a draw for additional grand prizes.

Top practicers (most amount of time practiced overall) in each of the following level categories will also receive a prize:

  • Young Beginner
  • Primer
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4 & 5

Prizes & Sponsors

50 Small 1-Topping Pizza gift certificates & 12 Medium 1-Topping Pizza gift certificates – sponsored by Domino’s Pizza

1 Movie Night Bonfetti Box – all the things you need for the perfect movie night! Popcorn, sweets, snacks, and to make it authentic, a mini cinema light box! – sponsored by Bonfetti Box

1 Hop Along Easter Box – ready, get set, hunt! This adorable box contains everything you need for your own indoor (or outdoor) Easter egg hunt! Box also contains treats, bunny ears, and activities! – sponsored by Bonfetti Box

1 Personalized name set crayons (winner chooses colours) & 1 Creation theme box (winner chooses colours and from Unicorn, Dinosaur or Pizza theme) – sponsored by Crayations 1982

1 Travel Snap Game, 1 That’s Not My Llama board book, 1 Little Sticker Dolly Dressing – Pixie activity book with stickers, and 1 Magical Creatures Magical Painting Book – donated by Kids’ Reading Rainbow

5 Eos Lip Balm Gift packs & 5 Despicable Me Minion Action Figure Packs – sponsored by Clarkson PharmaChoice

5 separate prizes of one eye pad each with removable tattoos (pads remove tattoos) – sponsored by ENJO Canada

2 Sonicare electric toothbrushes for children ((includes free dental cleaning for children of parents without dental insurance) – sponsored by Southdown Dental

1 Private 40 minute virtual dance class in ballet, jazz or music theatre for any age/ability – sponsored by First Position Dance Academy

2 $50 Gift Cards to Indigo – sponsored by Oxford Learning Clarkson

One Free Week of Summer Baseball Camp – sponsored by Batter Up Baseball School

Additional prizes coming soon so keep checking back! Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook Page during the contest for pictures of prizes.