0 to 6 year olds

We also offer specialty themed drop-in classes for babies and mixed-age groups. These classes allow infants to six-year-olds – and their caregivers – to gather together for a fun-filled learning experience. We offer special holiday classes and other themed classes throughout the year.

Specialty Themes Coming Up:

It’s Music Day Kindermusik Playdate

It’s Music Day! takes a closer look at all of the joyful experiences a Kindermusik class creates, and the excitement that happens before it begins, during the fun, and after it’s over. So, buckle up for a ride to Kindermusik class and get ready for a sing-songy, jingly-jangly, super-duper-happy day. All classes are $25 plus tax per child.

Next date TBA

Sing Signing Series

Each class is geared towards caregivers of babies and toddlers from 4 months and up. PDF charts of ASL used in classes are included for your reference. Learn how signs can aide with language development, communication, incorporating them into daily life and recognizing baby’s signs. Class cost is $30 plus HST per family.

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