Guitar Lessons in Mississauga for Adults & Kids

Learn how to play the guitar at Sing Music Studio, and enjoy a lifetime of music making with friends and family. Our guitar lessons in Mississauga help beginners, intermediate musicians and advanced guitar players reach their potential, and we can’t wait to work with you.

Children and adults are welcome at our music school; we teach kids as young as seven, and adults, young professionals and retired individuals alike participate in our curriculum. If you have any questions about our methodology or teaching material, please get in touch!

guitar lessons Mississauga

We Can Help You Learn Blues, Rock, Classical Music & More

Our dynamic team of guitar teachers has years of teaching experience, and we have performed professionally in numerous settings as well. 

Blues and Rock Guitar Lessons

We can start with the basics: blues scales, 12 bar chord patterns, and basic licks will come to you faster than you thought possible. Lessons will be fun and engaging, and you’ll be listening to music and “training your ear” while also practicing drills and learning your scales. You will also enjoy the framework behind your favorite music – our teachers can help you understand the theory behind the genre you wish to play.

If you want to play rock guitar, we would be happy to help you learn solos, the art of accompanying a band, or even guiding you as you write songs for your grassroots rock band. Let us know what your genre of choice is, and we can gear your lessons towards that end.

Another natural progression from learning the blues is jazz guitar. The chords and technique are often an extension of basic blues playing, and while this genre is more advanced, we can help you get there quickly.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Mississauga

Do you have an acoustic guitar sitting in the corner? Bring it to our music studio and learn how to play it fluently. We can teach you how to read notes, play scales, and read charts, and even if your goals are as simple as learning how to chord, we would love to help. Acoustic guitar lessons are also an excellent foundation for learning more advanced rock guitar or other genres.

Additionally, we work with aspiring singer songwriters or other musicians in “combo lessons” – we can help you learn how to play your guitar and sing in the same lesson. If your goals are to perform for others as a solo act or in a band, this might be a great option for you.

Classical Guitar Lessons

Finger dexterity and note reading fluency are key in classical guitar lessons. We will set your course for learning, teach you how to practice scales, arpeggios, and etudes, and help you select baroque, classical, or contemporary literature that will stretch your limits and bring you musical enjoyment.

Some Advanced Techniques You May Learn

If you take lessons consistently and practice regularly, you may find yourself working on advanced guitar techniques. Firstly, we can teach you how to play pinch harmonics. This is the art of playing ethereal, bell-like tones by fingering the pick and string in a certain way, and it can add a fascinating dimension to your solos. We can also teach you how to play with a beautiful legato technique, how to use “tapping” technique, and more.

Advanced guitarists are welcome to apply for lessons at Sing Music Studio – we always enjoy helping seasoned musician reach the next level of their playing.

A Guitar Curriculum Suited To Your Goals

We are happy to help high schoolers prepare for college auditions, aspiring professionals learn the ropes in a specific genre, or classical guitarists work with the RCM curriculum. Many of our students enjoy the popular Rockschool method, in which the student learns the basics of the guitar with a top-40 driven progression.

Regardless of your specific goals, we will choose exercises, learning methods, and music that suit your preferences and learning style.

Guitar Lessons At a Thriving, Progressive Studio

Sing Music Studio uses iPads, apps, and a shared practicing platform so students can interact, share practice tips and videos, and connect through technology. Our classroom settings are fun and engaging, and even private lesson students will be able to participate in annual recitals, contests, and more. We also facilitate collaboration among our students; we want the musicians in our studio to perform and practice together as much as possible.

About Our Studio Location in Mississauga, ON

Our music school is located just off Queen Elizabeth Way near Whitehorse Park, Lorne Park Secondary School, White Oaks Montessori School, and more. We welcome students from all over Mississauga and Toronto, and we can help you learn via live online guitar lessons as well.

If you have any questions about our studio location or how to enroll in guitar lessons in Mississauga, please let us know!

Additionally, you are more than welcome to inquire about piano lessons, singing lessons, and more. We are looking forward to hearing from you.