Kindermusik Village: Learning through Music

Spotlight on Learning: Village
By exploring with sound, babies and young toddlers practice their visual thinking skills or spatial-reasoning skills. Good visual thinking skills are essential for a child to later excel in math, science, and geography. We spend time in Kindermusik Village doing this together by playing different instruments and experimenting with lots of sounds, such as the different bird calls we “sing” together. In fact, children participating in Kindermusik tripled spatial-reasoning skills during a recent research project.

Everyday connection:
Be a Sound Explorer with your child. How many different sounds can a bath book, baby spoon, and Kindermusik Chime Ball make? Does a sippy cup with milk make the same sound as a sippy cup filled with cereal? What items on your changing table make sounds that can entertain your baby during a diaper change?

Spotlight on Parenting through Music: Village

Your little one learns by playing. Through play, she develops cognitive and language skills and practices a wide variety of abilities such as gross and fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and visual tracking. However, around the time we traded in our Barbies and Transformers for iTunes downloads and the latest fashion trends, we momentarily forget how to play like a child.
Each week in class, we help unlock those repressed memories and show you age-appropriate ways to play together that can easily be incorporated into your daily lives. In order to be a Kindermusik educator, we train and continue with professional development to make sure as teachers, we are the best. To your child, you are the best teacher and her favorite playmate. We know that, too. So, slip off those shoes (or leave them on!), and just press play.
Everyday connection: It’s Play-o’clock Somewhere. 2am feedings aside, any time is playtime to your child. Waiting in line at the store becomes the perfect time for a modified version of the Duck Dance. Try a little lap bounce at the doctor’s office as you wait. Even cleaning the house can be playtime when you change the lyrics to a favorite song: “Gee, but it’s great to pick up toys in your room.”

Making the Most out of Kindermusik

Here are some tips on how you can make the most out of your kindermusik class:


  • Scaffold with your child.
    Instead of telling your child what to do, lead your child to discover what to do. When we are exploring egg shakers together in class, it’s so easy to say to your child, tap your egg shaker on your knees or tap on your shoulders. But your child isn’t getting the opportunity to problem solve when we give the answer so readily. Instead, try saying, I like how you are tapping on your knees, now can you find another body part to tap on? Or, how else can you make your egg shaker move across the floor?
  • Model active listening.
    By modelling, you are helping to support your child’s learning by showing them how to listen. SInce listening is a learned behaviour, it is important that we begin by showing them how to do so. When we are quietly listening together and using our facial expressions to show our enthusiasm, we are actively engaging our children in listening along with us. An important step in listening skills.
  • Be present during story time.
    Help your child’s focused attention on the story by focussing your attention on the story. Another great example of modelling behaviour. Join in closely around the story blanket and help create a beautiful, calm, story loving environment for nurturing our young readers.
  • Become fully engaged in the classroom experience.
    The more you participate, the more your child will participate. Sometimes grown-ups are asked to do things in kindermusik that may be outside of their comfort zone as an adult, like crawling on their hands and knees or rolling on the floor. Did you know crawling increases the connection between the two hemispheres of the brain and that rolling actually helps your child develop balance and coordination as well as brain development? But some children hesitate to participate because their parents hesitate to participate. It’s definitely more likely that your child will feel emotionally supported and confident if you are fully engaged. Setting the stage for support, bonding, communication and confidence that will carry your child through childhood, the teenage years and into adulthood.
  • Sing out, regardless of your ability.
    There is no vocal judgement in kindermusik class. We are all here to enjoy and appreciate music. Your baby/child loves you and your voice no matter what. So sing out, embrace the music and help your child develop a confident love of one of the most amazing and powerful gifts we can give our children – music.


Sing Music Studio Teams Up with Lollipop Art Lounge

Announcing our brand new satellite location, Lollipop Art Lounge in Oakville! We are so excited to team up with the staff at Lollipop to spread the joys of Kindermusik with Sing Music Studio into Oakville!

Lollipop is an imaginative space for children and families inspiring minds, hearts and bodies of all ages through our creative programming. Weekly classes include music, art, and wellness based programs where students are encouraged to learn, grow, create and develop new talents and expand upon current ones. Besides weekly classes, Lollipop offers amazing birthday parties, a party shoppe and summer camps. The Sing staff will be adding to the current offerings of Lollipop by running Kindermusik, workshops, camps and special events at this new location this fall. In fact, we’re already participating in the camps there with ABC Music & Me… and you can still register for camps throughout August.

A peek into what’s in store for the fall with Sing Music Studio… Kindermusik VillageKindermusik Our Time and ABC Music & Me, for 3’s and 4’s. And make sure you visit a free Kindermusik demonstration at Lollipop Art Lounge in September to check these Kindermusik programs out!

All of us at the Sing Music Studio can’t wait to help you and your children learn, play, laugh and discover the world of music in Oakville!