Bi-Annual Recitals

Sing Music Studio is overjoyed to host 2 recitals per school year for our students: our Holiday Recital (typically held on a Sunday in early December) and Spring Recital (typically held on a Sunday nearly June). Recitals are a wonderful way to build self-confidence, performance skills, learn to control nervous energy, gauge improvement, work towards a goal, gain a sense of community, and have fun! While participation is not mandatory, students of all ages (including adults) and levels are highly encouraged to participate.

Video recital during the pandemic.

Song Selection Process

Students will perform one song selection in each recital. The song must be a piece that has been (or is currently being) worked on in the current school year during your lessons with your instructor. Song selections for the Holiday Recital should additionally be holiday themed. Consider song selections you enjoy performing, that showcase your abilities and what you have learned recently. Song selections will be approved and finalized by your instructor.

Recital Registration

All students must be registered to attend the recital. A link will be emailed to families when registration opens.