Bi-Annual Recitals

Sing Music Studio is overjoyed to host 2 recitals per school year for our students: our Christmas Recital and June Recital. Recitals are a wonderful way to build self-confidence, performance skills, learn to control nervous energy, gauge improvement, work towards a goal, gain a sense of community, and have fun! Our Christmas Recital is typically held on the last Sunday before the holiday break in December and the June Recital is held on the last Sunday before the summer break, based on the Peel Board of Education calendar. While participation is not mandatory, students of all ages (including adults) and levels are highly encouraged to participate.

Due to COVID-19, recitals will be held in pre-recorded video format until large gatherings are permitted again.

Song Selection Process

Students will perform one song selection in each recital. The song must be a piece that has been (or is currently being) worked on in the current school year during your lessons with your instructor. Song selections for the Christmas Recital should additionally be holiday themed. Students, with the aide of their instructor, should choose their top 3 song selections to avoid multiple repeat performances of the same selection. Consider song selections you enjoy performing, that showcase your abilities and what you have learned recently. June Recital song selections will be finalized by May 17th, 2021. Song selections will be approved and finalized by your instructor.

Video Submission Process

  • Shoot video in horizontal (landscape) format.
  • Piano students: Video subject from side view so we can see the instrument, fingers, face and body of the student.
  • Guitar/Ukulele/Vocals/Drums/Recorder students: Video subject facing camera to show instrument and student.
  • Lighting: Video subject in a bright environment but try to avoid backlighting (bright light coming from behind subject) unless the light is coming through sheer curtains.
  • Attire/Presentation: Dress to impress, remember to smile and do your best to engage your audience. Song should be memorized.
  • Please avoid holding camera during performance. Ideally, use a tripod or place phone/camera/device on a stable surface.
  • Please use the highest quality phone/camera/device you have available to you for the highest video resolution possible, ideally 1080p.
  • Title your video submission with student first name, last name, instrument and song title.
  • Share video submissions directly with Miss Mandi via We recommend using this free file sharing service:

Deadline for video submission: EXTENDED to June 20th

Video Submission Fee

There is a fee of $15 plus HST per submission. Fees cover the editing, compiling and branding process for the final video. Once we receive your submission, your account will be automatically charged the submission fee.

June Video Recital Release Date: EXTENDED to June 27th, 2021

A YouTube link to the final edited performance will be available via the announcements in Better Practice App as well as sent out via email on June 19th, 2021.