Month: July 2011

Sing Music Studio Teams Up with Lollipop Art Lounge

Announcing our brand new satellite location, Lollipop Art Lounge in Oakville! We are so excited to team up with the staff at Lollipop to spread the joys of Kindermusik with Sing Music Studio into Oakville!

Lollipop is an imaginative space for children and families inspiring minds, hearts and bodies of all ages through our creative programming. Weekly classes include music, art, and wellness based programs where students are encouraged to learn, grow, create and develop new talents and expand upon current ones. Besides weekly classes, Lollipop offers amazing birthday parties, a party shoppe and summer camps. The Sing staff will be adding to the current offerings of Lollipop by running Kindermusik, workshops, camps and special events at this new location this fall. In fact, we’re already participating in the camps there with ABC Music & Me… and you can still register for camps throughout August.

A peek into what’s in store for the fall with Sing Music Studio… Kindermusik VillageKindermusik Our Time and ABC Music & Me, for 3’s and 4’s. And make sure you visit a free Kindermusik demonstration at Lollipop Art Lounge in September to check these Kindermusik programs out!

All of us at the Sing Music Studio can’t wait to help you and your children learn, play, laugh and discover the world of music in Oakville!

6 Year Olds’ Piano Duet in Action!

Piano Duo

The 2 piano students each take their own private piano lesson at the Sing Music Studio. These girls do not just share a love of music but they are also very close friends. So they’ve made it their own tradition to play a duet at each of our bi-annual recitals (of which there have only been 2 so far). You can see very clearly in this video that they are both dedicated to their craft. Each are diligent practicers with an ear for music. Watch the video to see just how terrific they are – their dynamics are fantastic! It’s also very candid as they thought I was taking photos, not videoing!

Click here to view the video!

Kudos to the Students of Sing Music Studio!

Wow! I am so proud of all of the students who participated in the Sing Music Studio’s end of year Recital! What a great job everyone did – singers, guitarists, pianists, from young to older! 😉

I do have to mention, though, that I am especially proud of one student in particular. A young boy who was so nervous at the Christmas Recital that he was in tears and had his mom stand up with him to give him an extra boost of confidence. Well, in just 6 short months, this boy made a complete 180! He asked to be first and couldn’t wait to perform in front of everyone. And in the meantime, between the 2 recitals, he got up and performed for his class at school numerous times! The breakthrough he had at the Christmas Recital – which he only had decided on performing at a few days beforehand because he had such performance anxiety – changed his world. In fact, I am positive he will become a musician. This boy is proof that standing up and facing your fears can only make you stronger and more confident!

Click here for more info on the music lessons at Sing Music Studio!