Month: March 2011

Live Music for Japan

I was recently flattered to be asked to perform at a fundraiser for Japan at Shore 71 in Port Credit on April 5th.  I jumped on board at the opportunity to play for 2 reasons. One, of course, being for such a worthy cause. The devastation Japan has experienced is unfathomable. I cannot even begin to imagine how the people of Japan are coping with such loss and destruction. I know that my contribution is small by comparison to some. But my heart goes out to Japan. I’m glad to make my contribution greater by donating my musical abilities to help create an event that will hopefully raise enough funds to make an impact on Japan’s aide.

The second being my love of performing and, more specifically, performing jazz. Between music lessons and Kindermusik and running the Sing Music Studio, I hardly have time for my first love these days – live performance! Gigging certainly helped me get this music school off the ground. When I became an entrepreneur, it was a tough road and the many gigs I played gave me a financial footing to step up from. But, over the last few years, the music school has gotten busier, leaving me less time to work the gig circuit. An outlet that I greatly miss. So who knows, maybe this will be the start of something new, not only helping Japan, but also helping me get back to the place of reaching out to the world through both performance and teaching.

I hope you’ll join me and my duo, Lava, for this wonderful evening of music in support of the aftermath of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. We’re on at 9:30pm. Musical entertainment begins at 6pm and there will also be door prizes and a silent auction. Please visit this link for online registration and donation to the event.