Spotlight on Parenting through Music: Our Time Wiggles & Giggles

Sometimes parenting feels a bit like playing a game where the rules change constantly. Shortly after mastering the perfect origami-like swaddle, your child no longer needs it to sleep through the night. Or maybe you finally figured out how the straps on the stroller work but now your little one insists on crawling or walking everywhere. One rule will never change: You are your child’s first and best teacher.

Your child learns by building on what he already knows. You support that learning by watching him, asking questions, and encouraging him to try something new. In Kindermusik class, we call that “scaffolding.” So, while your child explores instruments, plays with scarves, or moves around the classroom in a jig or a jog or even a jiggity jog, you encourage his growing independence. Plus, each week you receive the built-in support system of other Kindermusik parents trying to keep one step ahead of their own child! We call that on-the-job training!

Everyday connection: Wishy-Washy-Me! Encourage your child to practice washing favorite bath toys singing the favourite tune from Kindermusik Our Time Wiggles & Giggles class, Wishy Washy Wee. Use the scaffolding technique. Ask questions like “Do you think he needs to wash his hands? Wishy washy, wishy washy, wishy washy WEE!” Make observations like “I see you wiped his mouth. Wishy washy, wishy washy, wishy washy WEE!” Give challenges: “What do you think is the best way to rinse him off? Wishy washy, wishy washy, wishy washy WEE!” Soon, those lessons will transfer to him bathing himself (with your supervision, of course!).

Miss Mandi is fantastic, the class is alot of fun and my baby loves it!

Lea Freed, Baby class mom

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