Melodic Dictation – Oh So Many Benefits!!!!

Our Tuesday evening Kindermusik for the Young Child Semester 2 class is full of super high energy kids! The parents will certainly attest to that when they join us for sharing time because they are completely different children when moms, dads and siblings are around. But you can hardly blame them, they LOVE their Kindermusik class and they LOVE having the parents join us to share! They can hardly contain their excitement! And sometimes, that excitement is difficult to contain in class without the parents too – but they are actually really good listeners. And some moments are incredible and magical…. like the one in this video….


Mandi, thank you for your passion to teach children. Eleni shows always how happy she is to come to piano. That I think is one priceless skill you have.

Card from Maria Dolhescu, Piano Student mom

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