Announcing the NEW Sing Music Studio!

Summer of 2019 has been pretty incredible so far! It’s seen the birth of my first baby, Bernadette Cassandra, on June 12th and the rebirth of my other “baby”, Sing Music Studio… who has also grown up to become Sing Music Studio Inc. I could not be more excited for all that is to come. So without any further adieu… Announcing the NEW Sing Music Studio!

Kindermusik classes and piano lessons will begin in our new home at 1575 Clarkson Rd N on August 6th, 7th and 8th. You will likely find Bernadette, Neal and I around quite often as we get everything ready to go for our big launch and Grand Opening on September 7th from 11am to 2pm. Make sure to connect with us for more details on that coming soon! In the meantime, you can register here for August classes or email us at for August piano lessons!

My 7 month old daughter loved her time with Miss Mandi during her Village class. She was exposed to song, dance, rhythm and play with other children, and I saw her progressively become more and more outgoing. Miss Mandi is a very talented musician and has a special way with children. I would highly recommend taking classes with Miss Mandi as your child will love his or her exposure to music and will benefit from stellar instruction and important interaction with other children.

Liliana Ripandelli, Baby class mom

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