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Miss Mandi is very organized with a music background. There is a musical journey the kids are taken on that leads them to a greater understanding and appreciation of music. Good mix of sit down, chat, story, hands on activities. Nancy Zabukovec, Our Time/Family Time mom
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Performance Anxiety

Performance…. oh that can be a scary word. People often ask me, how do you do it? Get up in front of all sorts of people and sing? My answer is simply, I just love it! It makes me feel incredible! But… that wasn't always the case. I wasn't a born performer and I definitely experienced my fair of jitters. I still get them from time to time… but they usually disappear the second I open my mouth and start to sing. :)

Learning in a Multi-Age Level Class

This video is such a great illustration of so many wonderful learning components that take place in our multi-age level Kindermusik class.

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