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My daughter has been receiving piano lessons from Mandi for the last two and a half years. What I love about Mandi is that the children feel no pressure as they are learning in a fun environment. I love it because I know nothing about music and that is not an issue. My daughter had her first recital this Christmas, not only was I feeling it but I could see the pride in herself. Rita Gazzola, Piano/Guitar student mom
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Performance Anxiety

Performance…. oh that can be a scary word. People often ask me, how do you do it? Get up in front of all sorts of people and sing? My answer is simply, I just love it! It makes me feel incredible! But… that wasn't always the case. I wasn't a born performer and I definitely experienced my fair of jitters. I still get them from time to time… but they usually disappear the second I open my mouth and start to sing. :)

Learning in a Multi-Age Level Class

This video is such a great illustration of so many wonderful learning components that take place in our multi-age level Kindermusik class.

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Happy Universal Children’s Day!

Make and celebrate!  In celebration of Universal Children’s Day, we’re happy to share this Kindermusik @Home activity idea for a homemade instrument that you can make and enjoy together. Learn more about how Kindermusik celebrates kids, families, and music every day at www.Kindermusik.com.

Kindermusik Unites Educators in Costa Rica

Ever wonder what happens when a group of teachers gather together for Kindermusik training? Well, we sing, laugh, play instruments, dance with scarves on our heads, and learn through (and about!) music. In fact, it looks a lot like a Kindermusik class without little kids. This past July a group of educators gathered at Yimbore in San Antonio de Belén for the Costa Rica
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