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My 7 month old daughter loved her time with Ms. Mandi during her Village class. She was exposed to song, dance, rhythm and play with other children, and I saw her progressively become more and more outgoing. Ms. Mandi is a very talented musician and has a special way with children. I would highly recommend taking classes with Ms. Mandi as your child will love his or her exposure to music and will benefit from stellar instruction and important interaction with other children. Liliana Ripandelli, Village Mom
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Special Needs + Kindermusik = AMAZING!

Throughout the 9 years I have been teaching Kindermusik and school music programs, I have most definitely worked with different special needs children. The majority of my experience has been in preschool and in-school settings where classroom teachers and one-on-one aides for the special needs children have been involved in the music classes. I've always been impressed with how music reaches these children.

This school year, I have been so fortunate to be working with 4 different special needs children in my Kindermusik classes at varying ages and stages - the highest number of special needs children I have ever had in my own studio space in one school year. Some of these children need aides with them, some do not. Over the course of a few months I have seen so many changes and improvements in all of these children, it really is mind-blowing.

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