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My 7 month old daughter loved her time with Ms. Mandi during her Village class. She was exposed to song, dance, rhythm and play with other children, and I saw her progressively become more and more outgoing. Ms. Mandi is a very talented musician and has a special way with children. I would highly recommend taking classes with Ms. Mandi as your child will love his or her exposure to music and will benefit from stellar instruction and important interaction with other children. Liliana Ripandelli, Village Mom
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Learning in a Multi-Age Level Class

This video is such a great illustration of so many wonderful learning components that take place in our multi-age level Kindermusik class.

Listening Skills: Practice Makes Perfect!

Developing listening skills is definitely one of the most important skills you can teach your child. You want your child to listen to you, to other adults, to teachers, be able to follow directions and develop healthy social skills and all that begins with active listening - which is much different than hearing. We can hear things but not actually listen to them - sounds are around us all the time but it's easy to tune them out.

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Music Video Brings in the Clowns to Develop Kids’ Gross Motor Skills

When you send in the clowns, you can also introduce a whole lot of fun practicing all kinds of ways to move, jump, listen, focus, and even stop.  At first glance, it might seem like an activity such as “I Am a Clown” is just about moving and dancing.  But watch a little more closely, and you’ll see that there are a whole lot
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Why Music is One of the Best Things for Early Language Development

Just google it: “children’s language development.”  Over 35 million hits will appear almost instantaneously.  From tips for parents to academic dissertations, there’s a flood of information and opinion out there.  And while we haven’t checked all 35 million hits, we can guarantee that one of the common threads woven into the fabric of early language development is music. That’s because we learn music and
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