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Love the program. The teacher is very fun and cute. Love the effect music has on children.Nina and Masood Azam, ABC Music & Me parents
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Listening Skills: Practice Makes Perfect!

Developing listening skills is definitely one of the most important skills you can teach your child. You want your child to listen to you, to other adults, to teachers, be able to follow directions and develop healthy social skills and all that begins with active listening - which is much different than hearing. We can hear things but not actually listen to them - sounds are around us all the time but it's easy to tune them out.

Terrible Two’s - How to make them EASIER!

Everybody dreads the "terrible two's". But have you ever sat back and thought about why this stage in your toddler's life is so difficult? Did you know that this developmental stage is synonymous with being a teenager? And do you know how to make this stage easier on yourself and your child?

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Music & Movement Benefits: The Color of Music

Ever heard of a dulcimer, a didgeridoo, or a dun dun?  Our Kindermusik students have!  By exploring a variety of instruments, the children hear, see, and experience a variety of sounds – scratchy sounds, booming drum sounds, ringing sounds, trickling sounds, and more.  And not just on Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day (which happens to be today, by the way!).  Musically speaking, the distinctive quality
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Music Before your Baby is Born

Expectant parents plan for – and worry about! – a lot of things.  Your unborn baby’s musical development may not be on the check list just yet, but don’t worry – you and your baby are more prepared than you might think. Your baby is already musical!  After all, he/she has been listening to the steady beat of your heartbeat and listening to your
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