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Mandi, thank you for your passion to teach children. Eleni shows always how happy she is to come to piano. That I think is one priceless skill you have. Card from Maria Dolhescu, Piano Student mom
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Special Needs + Kindermusik = AMAZING!

Throughout the 9 years I have been teaching Kindermusik and school music programs, I have most definitely worked with different special needs children. The majority of my experience has been in preschool and in-school settings where classroom teachers and one-on-one aides for the special needs children have been involved in the music classes. I've always been impressed with how music reaches these children.

This school year, I have been so fortunate to be working with 4 different special needs children in my Kindermusik classes at varying ages and stages - the highest number of special needs children I have ever had in my own studio space in one school year. Some of these children need aides with them, some do not. Over the course of a few months I have seen so many changes and improvements in all of these children, it really is mind-blowing.

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